Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I have just finished a long post on my blog, The Crimson Inkpot, venting about fraudulent charges made to my iTunes account which cleaned out my credit balance - a gift from my parents which makes it burn me even more what this scammers done - but also managed to charge over £100 to my bank card which I removed from my account months ago.

So doubly, if not triply, furious about this happening and having to spent 25 minutes tracking down a way to contact Apple about these charges didn't improve my mood in any way.

A web search today brought up hundreds - if not thousands - of these attacks in both the UK and US dating back almost a year. So not a new problem but one I've only discovered first hand!

But as I've vented this over there I won't repeat it all here as it would just wind me up further. I do however commend my bank with taking swift action when I called them today and having these charged refunded. I have to wait and contact them again tomorrow as a fourth charge on that account is pending and they can't fix it until it's actually debited from my account. But I thank them for helping decrease my stress level over this business.

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