Monday, 16 May 2011


Generally when I wake up and have been dreaming I remember mostly feelings and the odd stray thought, very rarely have I experienced a vivid dream which stays with me once I awake. I normally know when I dream just not what I've dreamt, it's a specific feeling which comes to me as I begin to awake that gives it away for me.

Last night I had a dream which left me with a few sparse notions just as I awoke. It's strange how your subconscious twists things together on you.

I knew I was going shopping early today in the city centre before going shopping at the supermarket. Last week when I was at a local retail park, which houses Tesco's plus about a dozen other stores, I saw a personal CD player I made a note to come back and buy for either my Dad's birthday or Father's Day.

Now add in my on again/off again feelings about the desire to write a novel and mix vigorously.

I awoke with the words forget-me-not resounding in my brain along with the 80's song using the same term. The only line which I remember was 'sending you forget me nots to help you to remember' which was on a loop in my head as I woke.

I was obviously attending or taking part in a writing class and had been set the task of writing a story around the flower/term/song 'Forget Me Not'.

This class was taking place in the retail park, in the open, at the centre with the shops all around me which I went in and out several times for some unknown reason. The teacher for some weird reason I believed was a dragon shifter as well, and I kept trying to write down on a A4 notepad the class lesson which was to write the story above.

I tried several times to unsuccessfully write this book and finally admitted to the teacher that I couldn't write the story straight out in order. From beginning to end. but I had some scenes which we totally vivid which I wrote down, including the opening scene to the book.

I then said I was going to sit down with all I had written and put it into an suitable order. Then I would be able to figure out what was missing and fill in the gaps I had. I remember clearly saying 'place all my scenes, excerpts and notes in an order which fitted and then I would fill in the gaps to bring the whole story together'.

Then the teacher said, 'good that's the way you were supposed to do it anyway!'.

Which confused me as I thought I was supposed to start with the two plot points/ideas and construct a story beginning to end from it in one straight line, so to speak. But the instructor agreed that my way was the best way to go ahead as if it was something I should have known from the course/class.

I even had the opening scene clear as a bell. A man entering a hospital room with a bouquet of forget me not flowers for a woman who had been injured in a car accident and suffered a brain trauma which resulted in amnesia. He finds another man, her sleazy ex, already there trying to convince her they are still a couple and she has absolutely no memory of the 'hero' at all.

Like I said, strange dreams, and it's surprising I remember so much and I could feel myself plotting some of the story as I began to wake which was a unique experience let me tell you.

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