Sunday, 26 February 2012


The RA in my hands and wrists have been joined with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. All in all not good news for someone who is mourning the loss of her ability to write.

A writer who can't physically write. Not the best formula, is it?

I've been playing around with my new 'toy' my pocket Kodak camcorder, but that doesn't help me write do is?

I am thinking of maybe getting Dragon Speaking software when I get my 10 year endowment policy payout later this year, as well as a good microphone to dictate with. I don't know. As the only place I can use such software properly would be in my bedroom using my mother's laptop. Luckily said laptop resides in my bedroom and my mother brings it downstairs into the lounge when she wants to use it.

She said she would rather it get used daily by me than sit in a bag and only getting used a few time a week at the most when she felt like playing games or surfing the net.

I am using her laptop to edit the videos from my pocket cam as it has a higher RAM and larger hard drive than my desktop so it should handle any editing much more easily than my older desktop could. Also it helps to have a quiet room to edit and our lounge is the main room in the house and the TV is on most of the day even if just as background noise.

My hands are beginning to hurt quite badly so I will sign off here for now. Hopefully I'll post a heck of a lot sooner next time!!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Still Alive

Well I'm still alive just am having difficulties typing. Last week at the Occupational Therapist's assessment she tested my hand strength and found I had less than 10% of the strength I should have.

So on top of the hand exercises she gave me I also have my shoulder ones, the ones for my lower limbs and my spinal ones.

It's a nightmare trying to fit them all in.