Saturday, 29 December 2012

Future Plans

I am carefully deciding on my timetable, or as I like to call it my fluid rota, for the coming year.

I have decided to concentrate my limited resources on a couple of blogs, I have opted to choose one personal blog as well as my book blog as well as my disabled blog Invisible Me. As for the last of those blogs I will only be updating that one very occasionally as I've decided only to host well thought out articles concerned with living like a disabled person on this blog.

I decided to choose The Crimson Writer as my personal blog cause this was the anti-thesis of my book blog The Crimson Inkpot, sort like the blog of the person behind the blog so to speak.

Due to the unpredictable nature of my health and its associated disabilities I cannot be assured that I will been good enough health to ensure regular updates, hence the need for a more fluid timetable.

The last thing that my health needs is for me to unnecessary stress on myself trying to adhere to a very strict timetable. While I know I need the structure to help me in some sort of organised order I need to be sure I don't over do this and result in the putting too much pressure on myself and as a result not post anything except apologies for not posting.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Out of Control

I really have to get all these blogs under control ... I want to keep things as simple as possible in the coming year. So I will select a couple of blogs that I will post to. Probably here and my Invisible Me blog where I talk about living as a disabled person. Also using my self-hosted book blog as well. But I will be relaunching my book blog early next year and gradually adding to it through out the year as regularly as possible. I'm aiming for regular posting rather than as often as which was part of my problem keeping it updated, also this placed a lot of unneeded pressure on myself which made it harder for me to actually relax and write.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa was good to them, and if you don't celebrate Christmas personally I hope you had a good time as well regardless.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Seasons Greetings

So Christmas is fast approaching once again and in a week we will be getting ready for the last ‘sleep’ before Santa as the children’s programmes keep informing us.

This coming week will undoubtedly be the busiest for myself and my family, what with getting ready for the actual day, finishing shopping for stocking fillers, finish wrapping (started doing this this afternoon!), delivering wreaths to my family graves, three different graves at two different cemeteries (which is scheduled for Wednesday), grocery shopping for the festive break (scheduled for Sunday the 23rd, the 23rd being our preferred day leaving Christmas Eve for preparing food and any emergency items we need to rush to the supermarket for before early closing time).

And those are just the tip of the iceberg for the coming week, also tomorrow (Tuesday) and Thursday are childminding days when we look after my youngest nephew then put him into his nursery class at 1pm. Also my youngest nephew has come down with a stomach bug which is a shame as he is just getting over a horrid cold.

Also my eldest nephew is going into the hospital on Thursday to have an operation on his big toe, he has a horrid ingrown toenail which is causing the toe to become continually badly infected. It’s an in-patient appointment for a short operation which means he goes in early (around 8am actually) and hopefully will get out in the late afternoon at the latest.

Also on Thursday (or Friday) depending on my schedule (with my eldest nephew going into hospital that day we might have the school run and feeding the eldest two that afternoon/night) to drive across town and hand in our (my parents and I as well as a couple of small things on behalf of my nephews) presents for our aunt into her house as well as pick up the bags she generally has. Not all ours, mostly gifts for my three nephews, my brother and sister-in-law as well as our own from her to save my Dad struggling home on the bus with multiple bags of gifts.

So all in all a busy busy week!!

So hopefully it will be worth it on the day(s) to come.

So if I don’t get back to you before then, have a great holiday season regardless of your religion or beliefs on the season, I wish you all well and hope you have a great time.

Monday, 3 December 2012


Well my Mother's Curry's order of the Samsung Chromebook is walking from the Royal Mail Distribution Centre in Yorkshire up to my area of Scotland. It was sent out last Wednesday from Curry's and arrived at the Yorkshire Centre late Thursday and hasn't moved since then. Today is the second full working day that it's been 'processing' at the Yorkshire Centre, no idea when they will stop 'processing' and actual move it on it's way.

Hopefully it will finish 'processing' and be delivered before Christmas Day as it's a present.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Still Here

Well, I am still here, still around but unfortunately I am experiencing computer problems. First my desktop without warning wouldn't switch on one day, after being away for almost a month it was returned to me with a new PSU (power supply unit) on the inside of the tower itself replaced. The PC is working but am experiencing a lot of blue screens/crashing whenever I go to shut down my computer every night. Half the time I get the blue screen and the PC totally reboots and has to be shut down again. When this happens it takes up to 30 minutes from initial shut down to the actual shut down occurring. If it does work first time it takes at least five to six minutes to shut down. So not working greatly.

Sunday, 26 February 2012


The RA in my hands and wrists have been joined with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. All in all not good news for someone who is mourning the loss of her ability to write.

A writer who can't physically write. Not the best formula, is it?

I've been playing around with my new 'toy' my pocket Kodak camcorder, but that doesn't help me write do is?

I am thinking of maybe getting Dragon Speaking software when I get my 10 year endowment policy payout later this year, as well as a good microphone to dictate with. I don't know. As the only place I can use such software properly would be in my bedroom using my mother's laptop. Luckily said laptop resides in my bedroom and my mother brings it downstairs into the lounge when she wants to use it.

She said she would rather it get used daily by me than sit in a bag and only getting used a few time a week at the most when she felt like playing games or surfing the net.

I am using her laptop to edit the videos from my pocket cam as it has a higher RAM and larger hard drive than my desktop so it should handle any editing much more easily than my older desktop could. Also it helps to have a quiet room to edit and our lounge is the main room in the house and the TV is on most of the day even if just as background noise.

My hands are beginning to hurt quite badly so I will sign off here for now. Hopefully I'll post a heck of a lot sooner next time!!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Still Alive

Well I'm still alive just am having difficulties typing. Last week at the Occupational Therapist's assessment she tested my hand strength and found I had less than 10% of the strength I should have.

So on top of the hand exercises she gave me I also have my shoulder ones, the ones for my lower limbs and my spinal ones.

It's a nightmare trying to fit them all in.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday Blues

Well I suppose there is a lot of school children experiencing Monday Blues as they begin their first full week back at school after the festive holidays.

On one hand it doesn't seem so long since Christmas holidays began and on the other hand Christmas seems more than two weeks and odd change ago.

2011 went in what seems to be a blink of my eye, and if the first week of 2012 is anything to go by, 2012 is so far shaping up to be exactly the same.

No real news today but I needed to test out my typing on my new keyboards as I still haven't used it much since setting it up Christmas Day, I am trying to type something every day even if it's just to actually do some typing. Exercise for my hands as it would be.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Well it's 2012, I would say Happy New Year but am almost a week late to do so on this blog. Remembered to do so on my book blog and other blogger blog so at least I didn't forget altogether.

So what to post about today? That's the question. But it's easily responded to given what I've observed, and been personally exposed to, on forums I like to visit.

I don't mind newbies making mistakes especially given I was one once with forums, also on a big intimidating and confusing forum mistakes are to be expected. One I don't like, and what annoys me more than wrongly placed threads/questions ever could, is rude moderator whether they be actual mods there or self-appointed ones.