Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It's Me Again

I'm back again. I've had a few more minutes to play around with my Kobo Vox and will eventually post a full review of my personal experiences with this device.

I have wanted for a while a colour tablet to use at night in bed rather than struggle with my iPod touch's small screen before turning in or when I am suffering from insomnia, something I suffer from a lot given my medical problems.

I originally bought a cheap 7 inch android tablet for this purpose but found it too heavy, the touch-screen too slow and resistive, and the charge lasting too little time that made me have to charge it continually to completely meet the function I purchased it for.

Kobo Vox has arrived

My order with WHSmith arrived just minutes before I left to take my youngest nephew to nursery school so luckily I was in to accept the package.

According to said package it was sent out yesterday by Parcel Force 24 but at least I don't have to arrange for someone to be home for the next 48 hours in case it arriveth.

Due to the fact that the workman my brother was expecting tonight texted that he would arrive at around 3pm rather than in the evening our plans for this afternoon had to be totally reorganized. Instead of picking up all three boys from their relevant schools the youngest is going to football practice with his dad after school while the two eldest get picked up by their grandfather and then travel by bus home where I am currently awaiting the workman's arrival.

My brother is due home after football practice, so some time between 4.30 and 5.00 pm and we can head home once he arrives.

I had a short time while having my lunch to play around with my new toy and found it instinctive and easy to use. The touchscreen was very responsive and the update to the software took less than 10 minutes to do and then I logged into Kobo and downloaded by meagre library there.

I will check out more of the android side tonight and see about downloading the Kindle app which works with this device by all accounts and also downloading an app which allows me to import my other epubs from other sources.

I will also play around with the browser etc., as well as already installed apps to see how it all works out.

Order Sent

I woke up this morning to an email from WHSmith to say that my order had been sent out by my chosen delivery service. I opted for first class courier, the most expensive shipping method, hoping that three things would be obvious:

Monday, 28 November 2011

Still Not Sent!

Well, I currently have two orders outstanding with WHSmith online, one for a Kobo Touch Reader as well as a Kobo Vox Reader and another on behalf of my Father for a case/wallet for the Kobo Touch to give to my Mother for Christmas.

Both orders have been sitting on 'Ready to Send' status since half an hour after placing said order. Finally I searched down an explanation on the website about how long it takes to dispatch an in stock item and found the following explanation of the term 'Ready to Send':

  • Ready to Send: Your product(s) are ready to be sent to you and will be sent shortly.
Well, both Kobos have been sitting on this message/status since before 2pm on Friday 25th November and the second order has been since before noon on Sunday 27th November. Not exactly 'will be sent shortly'.

I thought as only weekdays count in their delivery schedule even for those using a courier service that my order had missed the pick-up on Friday but would be picked up by the courier service today as the next working day after my order changing to the 'RTS' status. Apparently not!

Once an order is ready to go and just needs handing over to the chosen delivery service like this I believe the next working day is long enough time for this to happen especially with in stock and ready orders.

Hopefully my order should be sent out tomorrow, any backlog from weekend orders should be cleared by then for packaged and ready orders shouldn't it?! That should give them enough time to send them out as clearly they are sitting ready and waiting in the warehouse.

Unfortunately due to my mobility problems going all the way to our only outlet of WHSmith is out of the question for me and that's even if they had the relevant items in stock when I got there. I know in the case of the ... well case ... the 25% off discount of the price was only available by online orders. So that one had to be placed and ordered online with the warehouse. 

Fingers crossed for tomorrow again.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

What's Going On?

Well, for the past couple of months I have been battling both my Fibro and RA through major flare-ups aftershocks.

I have only been posting to my personal disabled blog, mainly where I post from the prospective of a disabled person living through the UK governments controversial welfare reform bill. My health has been so bad that I've only managed to post minimally to this particular blog due to my present circumstances.