Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It's Me Again

I'm back again. I've had a few more minutes to play around with my Kobo Vox and will eventually post a full review of my personal experiences with this device.

I have wanted for a while a colour tablet to use at night in bed rather than struggle with my iPod touch's small screen before turning in or when I am suffering from insomnia, something I suffer from a lot given my medical problems.

I originally bought a cheap 7 inch android tablet for this purpose but found it too heavy, the touch-screen too slow and resistive, and the charge lasting too little time that made me have to charge it continually to completely meet the function I purchased it for.

So far the typing I've had to do on the Vox's touch-screen has input quickly and accurately. No lagging or having to type one key at a time and wait it appearing on screen before pressing the next, this was frustrating me greatly. The Vox allowed me to easily type with the on-screen keyboard and swiping through screens and pressing any app/book only needing the slightest touch to achieve it.

So no longer do I need to use the slower touch resistive tablet that I've been struggling with for the last couple of months. I had to use the stylus provided to even swipe through the home screens or scroll down web pages in the browser with some pressure. This mean't after about fifteen minutes my fingers were cramping and I had to stop using the tablet altogether after about half and hour or so.

I had reverted back to using my iPod touch with it's much smaller but more easily controlled touch screen to browse online at night again regardless of the problem of reading on such a small screen which was the reason for me wanting a tablet in the first place as the iPod touch was just too small to use continually like that also I was having more and more problems with hitting the wrong keys on the iPod on screen keyboard. I spent twice as long to input text as I had to keep editing wrongly typed words.

Like I said, I will be posting a full review of both reading eBooks on the device as well as using the more media tablet focused content like web browsing and checking emails.

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