Monday, 8 August 2011

Dental Woes #2

Well, it's a good thing I rethought going into the dentist today to have the missing filling from my right lower mouth replaced because I've just discovered a hunk out of my fillings which were only put in two weeks ago tomorrow. So I'll go into the dentist tomorrow in person to arrange an appointment to replace both missing fillings together. The re-fill of the one done two weeks ago should be free as there is a warranty put on new dental work which gets it done free within three months - I believe - should something happen to the work done.

It's like a chunk fell out completely, no rough edges or pain when I eat/drink just the ackward feel of a missing piece behind my teeth on that side. It's probably the 'deep filling' that the dentist hoped would stay in. I eat on my right side to stop this happening and ended loosing a filling from a tooth on the right side, now due to the hole on my right side which is sensitive and impossible to eat on I've had to eat on my left side more. I've been very careful but it hasn't worked out!

Just isn't my month(s) for dental work, if this is what happens when you miss an appointment being sent out from the surgery I'll be sure to chase up any appointments that I think might have gone astray ...

Friday, 5 August 2011

Dental Woes

So, real life has been very hectic since I last posted here. So hectic I even haven't had time to post on my main blog at all. I also haven't been able to read anything until this week and even then I've only read a few short novella length books.

So what has been keeping me so busy?

Well, my lengthy form from those doing the health reviews for the government has been. I only have to list all my medications and my disabilities (and how they affect me) boxes to fill in on the form now. A quick check through to make sure I haven't missed anything I should have answered and I will be posting it back on Monday, which gives it two weeks to get to the health team doing the reviews before my return by date.

Hospital appointments, major house cleaning and more dentist visits than I care to remember has also eaten into my time. Also my fibro has been acting up since the last week the school's were in and I've been suffering a great deal of fatigue. Every little thing takes a lot of my limited energy to preform.

About 3 weeks ago I lost a filling. No big deal, I phoned in and got an appointment the next day for the following day (I lost it at night biting into a Twix Mini). So I attend my appointment expecting to have it filled and be on my way. My dentist announces that I am here for a check up ... well no - I'm here for a missing filling which is very painful and is sending me round the twist - but I agree I am overdue a checkup ... so a check up I have and remind here quite firmly I have a missing and painful filling/tooth.

She gives me the good news that I need four fillings including the one I came in about and my teeth need a descale/clean, so she pops in a temporary filling in my tooth and tells me to make two twenty minute appointments to get my work done. So I make two appointments, a week apart each, starting the following Tuesday (this is Friday).

Attending on Tuesday I get two injections, two fillings and my teeth cleaned. After much confusion trying to understand - and make myself understood - my the office manager man when he tried to bill me then instead on at the end of treatment as it should be. I informed him my treatment isn't finished and good thing as I didn't have £48.52 on me to pay now. I had him confirm the total so I knew how much money to bring at my last appointment and he assured me this was the bill for my total treatment.

So, the following Tuesday comes around and I'm back in the dentist's chair getting yet another injection. My two teeth are prepared for the fillings when the dentist says "Uh Oh!". Never a comforting thing to hear when someone is inside your mouth with a sharp implement!

She has found a third tooth requiring a filling, urgently requiring it according to her. Situated between the two teeth about to be done. So I got three fillings done in a row in my bottom left hand mouth to add to those done at the upper left and right side the week before.

After having the fillings done I went to pay but not before the dentist crossed her fingers and said "Hopefully that filling - the really deep one - will stay in ... if not come back!".

So escaping to the front desk I get ready to pay, another painful experience, and notice the usual receptionist is back on duty. Waiting until she fixes my total to add the fifth surprise filling I am shocked to find that the man from the week previous was wrong, his total was only for the work done that visit and my bill was now almost £92.

So, almost £100 poorer I left the dentist with warning to be very careful of the fillings on the left for at least 48 hours. So I chewed on my right side for days. A week later and the fillings were still in on the left side, yup I've lost another filling on my right. Don't know exactly when in the previous week but it was totally gone so I must have swallowed it without realising. As this is not any of the fillings done in my last course of treatment I would need to pay full price to get it fixed.

Still short of money after the larger bill I had to pay I am faced with another dentist visit/bill. As I was having no pain or discomfort I hope this will buy me time to get some money together. Also this tooth/filling is a notorious one. I've had it filled, and refilled, more times than I can accurately count.

About 4 years ago I had it filled, and it fell out, and I had to get it refilled again. This was after loosing the filling in the tooth. Two attempts to make the filling take that time. Roughly 18 months later, around 2 years ago, the filling cracked and fell out. I felt it this time and spat most of it out. I had it refilled, lasted around 2 to 3 weeks and fell out again, got it refilled again, this time it lasted around a month before I cracked and fell out again. So for the third time in less than 2 months I had this tooth refilled and it took until Tuesday past when I realised I had lost it sometime over the last 7 days since my dentist visits as she would have noticed and filled it then like she did the other filling I needed done.

So I'm leery of how many attempts it would take this time to fill this tooth again! And the pain that will accompany it this time around. As I am in no pain at the moment except the annoyance of having to clean food debris out everytime I eat I am hoping to hold off on that dentist's visit for a few weeks to give me some reprieve, both financially and on the painful fillings front while waiting for it to set.