Monday, 8 August 2011

Dental Woes #2

Well, it's a good thing I rethought going into the dentist today to have the missing filling from my right lower mouth replaced because I've just discovered a hunk out of my fillings which were only put in two weeks ago tomorrow. So I'll go into the dentist tomorrow in person to arrange an appointment to replace both missing fillings together. The re-fill of the one done two weeks ago should be free as there is a warranty put on new dental work which gets it done free within three months - I believe - should something happen to the work done.

It's like a chunk fell out completely, no rough edges or pain when I eat/drink just the ackward feel of a missing piece behind my teeth on that side. It's probably the 'deep filling' that the dentist hoped would stay in. I eat on my right side to stop this happening and ended loosing a filling from a tooth on the right side, now due to the hole on my right side which is sensitive and impossible to eat on I've had to eat on my left side more. I've been very careful but it hasn't worked out!

Just isn't my month(s) for dental work, if this is what happens when you miss an appointment being sent out from the surgery I'll be sure to chase up any appointments that I think might have gone astray ...

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