Monday, 21 March 2016

3 Months Later ....

Well at least it isn't 3 years later !!!

Christmas came and went as it does every year like clockwork. My new computer is finally here, it arrived today and I also picked up a new monitor for it from PC World near us. I got a Samsung Curved 27" monitor. Really cool and so much larger and clearer than my previous monitor which resides up the loft currently.

I chose a Lenovo Gaming Desktop, the Idea Centre Y900:

i7 6700K 4.0 Ghz CPU (also known as the Skylake I believe)
CD/DVD rewriter
GeoForce GTX 980 4GB Graphics Card.

Tool free upgrading to 64GB RAM, 2 expansion bays for another 2 Hard Drives up to 2TB each, second graphic card slot to allow upgrading to dual SLI graphics.

To name but a few.

I think I'll sign off here as my nails are too long to type accurately with and until then doing so is a major chore.