Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Order Sent

I woke up this morning to an email from WHSmith to say that my order had been sent out by my chosen delivery service. I opted for first class courier, the most expensive shipping method, hoping that three things would be obvious:

  1. My order would be protected and any loss or damage if occurred would be easier to track down and get sorted if I was unlucky enough for any of these options would occur.
  2. My order would arrive inside a particular time frame, rather than the loose time estimate for saver or free delivery to occur.
  3. I would be able to track my order online and make sure that someone would be in on the day of delivery and I would know said day as online tracking would allow me to track said order from seller to my door.

Apparently while my order states first class courier charged, there is no tracking available in either my sent email or online in my account. So regardless of your chosen delivery method WHSmith tracking only covers you till your order is sent and you just know that loose time frame due to whichever delivery method you chose when ordering.

So as the time on my email was just after 5 am this morning I just know that I should get my order within 1 to 2 working days so it should arrive at me either tomorrow sometime or Thursday. Unfortunately someone will be home tomorrow all day but Thursday my Father goes out all afternoon and generally that will be alright but I have to take my youngest nephew to nursery school at lunchtime and the house will be empty for at least half and hour also if I need to pick up all three from school in the afternoon I am gone from around 2.30 to at least 3.45 be the time I do pick ups from two different schools and arrive back home from the busy school traffic.

So fingers crossed the order will either arrive tomorrow sometime or Thursday morning before I have to leave at quarter to one for the nursery drop off.

I had hoped going for courier service I would be able to keep full track of my order and know which day it was out for delivery and which company was being used but apparently not, all I know is that my order can turn up any time over a two day period. Oh Well!!

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