Thursday, 29 November 2012

Still Here

Well, I am still here, still around but unfortunately I am experiencing computer problems. First my desktop without warning wouldn't switch on one day, after being away for almost a month it was returned to me with a new PSU (power supply unit) on the inside of the tower itself replaced. The PC is working but am experiencing a lot of blue screens/crashing whenever I go to shut down my computer every night. Half the time I get the blue screen and the PC totally reboots and has to be shut down again. When this happens it takes up to 30 minutes from initial shut down to the actual shut down occurring. If it does work first time it takes at least five to six minutes to shut down. So not working greatly.
I'm so concerned that I have ordered an external USB portable drive with the express intention of transferring all files I want to keep safe off my hard drive in case it stops working again and this time is unable to be fixed. Also the place where my computer was bought and the extended warranty taken out from has gone into receivership, so my warranty is now not worth the paper it's printed on. So no more repairs if there is something else wrong with it.

I am currently spending at least half my time using my Mum's Acer Aspire laptop as I can rely on it to not go 'poof' and take my files with it. I am getting a Chrome book for my Christmas from my parents which will help relieve the strain on my PC as a lot of my time on the computer is spent on line in Chrome so I can baby my PC until which time I replace it. I was intending to upgrade when my current warranty expired (January 2014) but will most probably try to do this sometime next year when I have the savings to cover the type of PC desktop I want to get.

Also my Mum is considering getting a new laptop next year and when this happens I will inherit her current one which will relieve the rush to replace my main desktop unit.

I finally decided today what to get my Mum for Xmas and ordered it on line. It is due to be delivered tomorrow and as well as being 20% off RRP I can also reclaim £30 cash back on the device from the manufacturers under a promotion they are running.

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