Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Dreams II

I've had at least two dreams which I can remember bits of since the one I blogged about here previously. So it looks like my dear departed Auntie isn't giving up on getting her message through to me, I think.

Don't know where or if I'll take my writing urges any further but I'm keeping myself open to possibilities.

I've been reading a lot postings by published authors within the Romance genre - and sub-genres - about the ins and outs of not only writing but attempting to get published. It's a lot of hard work, this I already knew, but it helps to keep yourself informed which I am. So I'm not at a stand still yet.

I've been returning to my romance reading roots over the previous month and reading a lot of Harlequin/Mills & Boon releases. Both old and new. After the sheer deluge of less than enjoyable books I've experienced - and still do experience - of late while digging myself out my reading rut. Something I've blogged about, if not here, but at my book blog. The Crimson Inkpot.

But going back to my roots has helped greatly.

Recently I've read the latest Nalini Singh Psy/Changeling book "Kiss of Snow" and am in two minds whether or not to post my own review of it given how many reviews are floating around out there in book blogverse already.

Originally I had the countdown widget up in the sidebar of my book blog and waited with eager anticipation for it to reach zero. Once it did I was disappointed to realise that as I was in the UK I couldn't purchase it, so as I've done before I went to Amazon assuming I could buy the imported US hardback version, only to find that no hard/pb releases where available and release dates where two months away for both which coincides with the UK official release. But strangely - and I'm not knocking it - the Kindle version was available from June 2nd, just 2 days after the official release date in the US and research seems to tell me that the Kindle edition available in the UK Kindle shop is the only version available to the UK until the official UK release date for hard release.

Either way glad I only had a 2 days further wait rather than the 2 months till the official UK release date.

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