Friday, 17 June 2011

Finally Friday Once More

I am glad to see the end of these past couple of weeks I can tell you.

Last Saturday I got the declaration from my bank to verify the bogus iTunes charges, also on Thursday before I heard back from iTunes about the charges and they were reversed, my account frozen, re-enabled and password changed again.

The iTunes CS person was quick to respond after the initial response to further emails, and I found out how my removed payment card was used. Even though I deauthorised use of this card used to create and verify my account as well as removed it from my account my details were kept on record and reverted back to once store credit was exhausted.

If only it hadn't taken 72 hours to send an order confirmation on the first order placed I would have caught this before a further 4 orders were placed as well. If only iTunes sent an automatic email as soon as an order is placed I could've nipped this is the bud.

I was all set for a relaxing day starting with a sleep in as I knew I had babysitting duty on all three of my nephews tonight for the second night in a row at their house. Last night it was the two youngest only but tonight it's all three. Luckily - or rather unluckily - the middle is being punished and had to be put to bed straight after he finished his dessert after his evening meal. So that left two, the youngest is playing in his room while the eldest is out playing on his bike with a friend.

Now the youngest is sitting next to me as I type this watching Fireman Sam, at least this way I know he isn't bothering his middle brother who is on punishment in his bed for spitting on a girl he decided he didn't like at school today. Really vile, I really hate spitting, a pet peeve of mine.

Hopefully this weekend will be more relaxing, we did our shopping and don't need to go out until Monday for groceries. So barring any emergencies or unexpected favours for any family members I can get some reading and some blogging done.

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