Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Reading Rut

I am currently blessedly climbing out of the reading rut which has plagued me over the past weeks, I splurged on 8 Carina Press titles which came with a eBook Bucks Rebate at All Romance eBooks. I got roughly a $10 rebate in total, just over to be exact, as well as qualifying for my free eBook code. Now I only have to remember to actually redeem this one before it expires.

Yesterday I read new author, called Amanda E. Alvarez's, debut novel called Hunting Human, my review has been posted at my book blog.

Today between babysitting, school runs and playing referee to my three nephews I managed to read Dana Marie Bell's Blood of the Maple. Another good read I'm seriously considering reviewing now.

So, I'm 2 for 2 already.

Both books were of a generous size and both had wonderful plot lines which were well executed. A much welcome change for me. My other 6 Carina purchases are re-issues of earlier books by Jennifer Greene which she originally released using the pseudonym Jeanne Grant in the 80's. All 25 years old (or around about) and apparently the author did some editing to update these books.

So that's what I've been up to recently. As Sunday past was Easter my nephews are still hyper on the sheer mass of chocolate they've been given. Monday I had a really early start as I took one of my aunt's to the local PDSA with her older dog who had to be neutered and chipped, which cost her well over £100 to perform, I would hate to have to pay for a regular vet if that was the cost at the PDSA. The dog needed to be checked in at 8.30am so I had to go to her house then straight across town to the vet, so really early rise yesterday.

I was in Tesco's shopping before 9am. She actually got the dog back an hour earlier than the vet thought. I was surprised how chipper and awake he was, I was expecting him still to be a bit drowsy from the knock out juice he was given but he came prancing out happily enough and jumped back onto his mat on the back seat of my car. He's a good passenger, he loves to sit and look out the window and sitting in the centre of the back seat allows him to look straight out the front windscreen from between the front seats.

The vet originally asked if she (my aunt) wanted both dogs done at the same time, I said she should of asked if he was going to give her a buy one get one free deal on that. At over £100 for one I certainly wouldn't want to pay for both. If I remember right the total for chip and op was £130/5. Multiply that by two and I wouldn't want to pay that all at once either. Her other dog is still a puppy so she said she will wait a bit and see how he is as he grows older before paying another £100 for that alone. I think she said £97 for the op and £30 or £35 for the chip.

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