Sunday, 20 December 2015

This Must Be A Record ...

Even for me! It's been over 2 years since I lasted posted and of my 'free' blogs via blogger this was the one updated last.

Life has been changing a lot for me once again. I opted to use this blog as I felt, and still feel, that this one is the most 'me' one I have. Kind of hard to explain that but let's say it is the most 'true to the real me' of the blogs I have both here and elsewhere in cyberspace.

Well I have changed a lot or rather changed gears a bit. Happens to me in a circular fashion. Let me try and explain.  This is fictional but hopefully will help readers grasp what I'm trying to pass on:

2011 Reading and writing continually.
2012 Gaming and reading continually.
2013 Writing and crafting continually .

etc ... etc ... etc ..

My circular hobbies and pastimes aren't so regimented and clear cut. But I tend to have a couple of pastimes I'm obsessively doing in whatever spare time I have going and these can change at anytime and return on the next time I change or the time after or the time after that.

You get the idea, hopefully.

A real-time example is how I was journalling continually in 2013, from around May, until the end of 2014 and amassed several different organisers and diary/journal types over the first  8 to 10 months. All I watched videos on, or read about, or researched, bought and used was filofax type organisers and trying Midori types as well.

That said my journey into organisers as journals, started simply enough with my 15 year old organiser beginning to fall apart and me shopping for a replacement with some birthday money I received from my aunt. I've always been a stationery addict and found the vibrant filofax and journalling community a dream come true for my love of this kind of stationary with fellow addicts.

Also this came at just the right time as I was once again battling hard against the depression and anxiety I have to live with daily. I always try to avoid the word 'suffer' or 'sufferer' when I think or talk (or write) about my life and health.

I found once again a reprieve and my own therapeutic treatment with writing down all the negativity and pitfalls of my problems. Writing has always been a therapeutic experience for me and I found that even though my writing often didn't make sense to me when I tried to read back weeks or months later I did help. Slowly but surely it allowed me to gradually process everything and eventually I began to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Or at least the first glimmers of it.

This also allowed me to begin lowering my stress levels and my anxiety wasn't triggering in so quickly. I found tools, not to erase them, but to contain and balance them out a bit.

I also began to craft, something which was triggered by me figuring that making my own die-cut decorations for my journals in apposition to continually having to buy them, started me on a new unexpected journey.

So along with my rediscovered love of art, and esp. colouring, which came through my journalling earlier on I was now finding that art was very therapeutic and even when I wasn't able to write down my thoughts I could still have a creative outlet to help me deal with them in a positive manner. In fact I found that just colouring a pretty image in a adult colouring book or magazine, would allow my brain to 'switch off' helping with anxiety and depression as well as helping aid relaxing and to some extent actual sleep. Because even when I don't get actual restive sleep, REM sleep, relaxing at least gives me some recharge.

So Christmas is once again almost upon us and as I sit here, relegated to my brother's borrowed leather chair which we are using until our new suite arrives on January 25th, as my middle nephew is sitting at my laptop playing Deadpool I am once again making a small effort to get back into blogging. Casually and without putting any pressure on myself. I did that continually whenever I've tried to reboot my blogging over the past couple of years so not again. Not this time.

So we are super busy, my two youngest nephews are here while their parents are supposedly Christmas shopping in the City Centre. The eldest is at home as he had his toes operated on once again, must be the fifth time they've put him through this operation hope they've actually did it right this time. But we believe so as they've completely removed the opposite toe nail than they did last time while they cleaned up that one this time while they were at it. He had is operation a week past Thursday, so December 10th.

School lets out on Wednesday, 23rd, and as this is our usual Christmas food shopping day once again just like last year we will have to do our shop the day before. Unfortunately this led to us having to go out on Christmas Eve last year to pick up a few things we couldn't get for over the festive season on the 22nd due to bad best before dates. Hopefully that won't happen this year and we will manage to get decent dates to do until after the big day, itself.

The reason we can't do our shop on the 23rd is the same as last year as the schools let out on the same date again this year at noon. We don't have to pick up Jamie at least. Don't knw it he is going to be hear or with his other gran. As they finish at noon it Macdonalds time once again as the youngest has reminded us of more than once.

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