Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Day 2

Today was Day 2 with the Note 8.0 and it got it's first real 'field trip' when I had to take my nephew to his guitar lesson  this evening.

As my protective sleeve didn't arrive today as it was supposed to I had to use a much larger neoprene sleeve which I bought for my Chromebook to carry it outside the house.

On the go, or while sitting in my car waiting for the lesson to end, I used the tablet and I must say it has to be the best experience I've had using a tablet while passing time while out and about. I managed to take some notes and check out some features which I hadn't had much of a chance to do so yet.

So far, even though I've only had it just over 48 hours, I have had no urge to even test out my Note 8 with any of the Bluetooth keyboards I own. Generally I have paired and played around with this option but I have felt no need or urge not even the slightest bit of curiosity to test out external keyboard with this tablet.

But that said I truly believe that the Note 8 is one tablet which it would be an insult to even consider using an external keyboard. It would kind of defeat the purpose of buying the Note to begin with. To be honest. If you think you will use an external Bluetooth keyboard or not wish to or have any interest in using the S-Pen or it's functions I would suggest if you want the 8 inch form factor over the regular 7 inch which is so popular with tablets that you consider the Galaxy Tab 3 8 inch which you will probably get much less expensively that the Note 8.

But again it is still early days.

I have discovered that you can only use multi view with specific apps, Kindle NOT included, and while there is at least a couple of multi window managers on the Android marketplace they seem to require you have root access, which means rooting your Note 8 which I have no desire to do at all, so I un-installed the manager straight away.

That said if you set the S-Pen to launch the S-Note whenever you remove the pen I found I can launch Kindle then remove the pen whenever I want the note to appear on top of the book page like a floating app.

One last thing before I close for today I found that when I booted up my Note this morning the apps I moved to the SD card, which where still working perfectly fine from the card, but the icons on the screen are greyed out but if you click on them they still launch the apps as normal.

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